Putra Gayo

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Origin: Aceh, Sumatra
Variety: Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, and Timor

Tasting Notes:

Fruit, Malt, Candy

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Iwannitosa Putra is the owner of Putra Gayo, a mill and farm serving two subregions within Aceh, Sumatra. Their farm covers 250 hectares of land with around 275,000 coffee trees of Gayo 1, 2, and 3. Amongst the coffee, many shade trees are grown like Lamtoro, Banana, Orange, Avocado, and Jackfruit trees. Iwannitosa specializes in both washed and natural coffees, as opposed to the common Sumatra wet-hulled. Washed coffees are fermented for 10-12 hours, and dried for about 10 days. Natural process coffees dry ferment for 10-12 hours, and then dry for 30 days.


The cup has mild cooked fruit and malt flavors with tangy acidity and mellow candy-like sweetness.


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