While I prefer to focus on sourcing, roasting, and rapidly shipping top-shelf coffee, I still have preferences to share regarding the type of equipment that is used to brew coffee. These are merely links to my recommended items, as stocking and selling equipment would interfere with my preferred focus.

Home Brewing:

I’m comfortable saying this is hands down the best way to brew your coffee. Zero bypass (water passing through the filter and not the coffee) and a large flat bed make this simple contraption the easiest route to superb extractions.

I’m a big fan of Fellow’s Stagg kettles and brewers and their Ode grinder. With these, you are really all set; you just need a scale.

V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper 02
This is the only cone type brewer I actually recommend, and I can strongly recommend it. The plastic is insulative, the filter size is just right for a single 18g/300g brewed cup. It’s easy to brew a great cup using a series of pulse pours.

Home Espresso:

As a preface, I’m not a fan of home espresso. Dialing in can waste a significant amount of coffee, the energy consumption of an appropriately sized boiler is unfortunate. Personally, I prefer having my cappuccinos made by a barista who is making hundreds a day. That said, this is the countertop stuff that is worth investing in.

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Acaia Lunar
These aren’t cheap, but they are nice and fast, have a built-in timer, which is a big plus.