Black Mountain

$11.43 - $20.75 / Pound

Origin: Colombia
Variety: Dark Roast

Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, Cherry, Caramel

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Our dark roast is a single origin from Colombia and an utterly satisfying cup of coffee. We roast it to the maximum depth without losing its body or creating “baked” off notes. There is nothing difficult about enjoying Black Mountain, and it is our go-to crowd-pleasing cup. Black Mountain is also our easiest to dial in coffee for espresso brewing and highly recommended in that style.

Black Mountain is 100% Colombian Dark Roast

Any coffee may be brewed as espresso. However, Black Mountain is roasted longer to soften acidity and improve solubility, enabling easier extraction. This is conducive to easy-pulling, delicious espresso.

Matt Perger offers this excellent espresso education.

  • We recommend starting with a 50% brew ratio for espresso. (dry grounds mass = one half brewed espresso mass)
  • Adjust grind to maximize extraction. Grinding too fine can reduce extraction.
  • Distribute evenly by tapping the portafilter both vertically and horizontally until the grounds are level
  • You may find the best espresso occurs near 30sec, although your water’s solvent strength may vary.
  • We recommend using precision filter baskets such as those made by VST
  • Large, sharp burrs creating a fine, even grind will allow the best extraction
  • It is not possible to over-extract these coffees within the suggested parameters