Plan del Hoyo

$23.62 - $39.31 / Pound

Origin: Apaneca, El Salvador
Variety: Gesha

Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, Vanilla, Jasmine

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Francisco De Sola owns and operates this 100 hectare farm. He has 60,000 trees planted on 14 hectares. He also grows lumber on this large chunk of land.


They harvest coffee here from January through March typically. Coffee is picked as ripe cherry then mechanically demucilaged (for washed) and left as ripe cherry for Naturals and dried on raised African beds (both washed and naturals).


Picking labor and heavy rains have proven to be a challenge for Francisco, but he believes in the future of specialty coffee and is invested in producing exceptional coffees in Apaneca.


The cup has dark chocolate and potpourri with mellow vanilla and fresh jasmine flavors, tangy acidity and a sugary sweetness.


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