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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom

Tasting Notes:

Raspberry, Chocolate, Cherry

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The Sewda Natural Coffee Processing Wet Mill is located in the region of Oromia, Guji, Ethiopia. It is a purchasing and processing station, where local coffee farmers harvest ripe cherries and deliver them daily. It serves around 600 smallholder farmers in the area. Upon delivery, cherries are weighed, organized, and sorted accordingly. Contributing producers are paid a market price that includes a premium for high-quality selection.


Anaerobic Natural

The Sewda Natural Coffee Processing Wet Mill is located in the region of Oromia, Guji Ethiopia. It serves around 600 smallholder farmers in the area, who deliver their ripe cherry to the processing mill. This Anaerobic Natural Process coffee is processed in a very specific and strict protocol. The first step is to float the coffee to remove any low-density, underripe, or damaged coffee cherries. Once the coffee has been floated they cover the cherries in boiling water in a process called “Bourbon Blanching”. After one minute under the boiling water, the water is drained and the cherries are transferred to airtight containers to ferment for 6 days until the pH drops to 4.0. Throughout the 6 days, the fermentation tanks remain submerged in water to maintain a constant temperature of 59°F (15°C) – 64°F (18°FC) as well as rotated to get a homogenous fermentation. Once the fermentation is complete the coffee is quick-dried under the sun for one day till the moisture content reaches 35%, and then dried for 30 days under a shade net on raised beds till the moisture content decreases to 12%. While drying the cherries are picked up at night and covered to avoid condensation and moisture reabsorption. Once dried the coffee is collected and stored in a warehouse for resting for 4 weeks.


The cup is sweet and smooth with lots of winey fruit acidity, and intense elderflower flavor with chocolate, raspberry, elderberry, and cherries.


*This is a natural/dry-processed coffee, meaning it has been dried in cherry and will have strong ferment notes.


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