Nueva Zelandia

$24.13 - $39.82 / Pound

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Variety: Colombia

Tasting Notes:

Blackberry, Candy

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Jairo Quiñones Quinayas has always been surrounded by coffee: His parents are farmers as well, and 15 years ago, his father gave Don Jairo a piece of land for planting his own crop. He was able to expand his landholdings with the earnings from the coffee, and he says that even though the work is hard, he has been able to make a good living by farming. He emphasizes the importance of picking only ripe cherries, and after experimenting with his fermentation process, he found that using water gave him better quality and more control.


Jairo grows his coffee on 4.5 hectares of a 5-hectare farm and has about 22,000 trees. The cherries are harvested every 20 days during the season, depulped at 6 am the following day, and fermented for 24 hours underwater before being washed three to four times. The coffee is then moved to parabolic driers for between 3–15 days.


The cup has remarkable cooked blackberry flavors, definite winey acidity, and a candy-like sweetness.

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