La Margarita

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Origin: Central Valley, Costa Rica
Variety: Gesha

Tasting Notes:

Apple, Amaretto, Raisin

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Heinz Hoffman owns the 13-hectare farm La Margarita in Central Valley, where about 7.5 hectares are planted with a mix of coffee varieties. He has been farming coffee since 1987: Before then, he had focused on sugar cane. He has owned this property since 1976 and keeps meticulous weather records as well as detailed information about his crops. (He has studied the annual rainfall on his farm since 1978 and recently reported that these days he is seeing a 50% decrease in rain volume annually, which is a dramatic shift and has caused many obstacles.)


The cup has fresh apple and amaretto with mild raisin and cooked fruit flavors, with clean fruit-like sweetness and tart malic acidity.

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