Ruera Estate

$24.24 - $38.05 / Pound

Origin: Kiambu, Kenya
Variety: Ruiru 11, SL 28, K7, Batian

Tasting Notes:

Cranberry, Chocolate, Spices

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Ruera Estate, located in Kiambu County just outside of Ruiru town, spans roughly 190 hectares at 1577m above sea level, offering employment to roughly 300 workers each day. Employees manually pick cherries before delivering them to the wet mill for processing. After carefully sorting, the cherries are placed on raised beds to be finished as a natural.


Much of the work at Ruera Estate is centered around community and sustainability. The estate has made continual efforts toward environmental conservation through reforestation, energy conservation, proper waste disposal, and soil erosion conservation. Additionally, Ruera Estate offers housing opportunities to its employees who opt to live on the farm. Resident employees are provided with childcare for preschool children and have the option of sending their older children to a primary school on the farmland. By utilizing environmentally responsible agriculture practices and providing the community with economic and social support systems Ruera Estate has been able to streamline operations on the farm to improve cup quality while building stronger relationships.


The cup is sweet and smooth with winey fruit and tart acidity, flavors of cranberry, chocolate, and baking spices.


*This is a natural / dry processed coffee, meaning it has been dried in cherry and will have strong ferment notes.

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