Ojo de Agua

$32.63 - $46.45 / Pound

Origin: Nariño, Colombia
Variety: Colombia

Tasting Notes:

Caramel, Raisin, Cherry

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Yolanda Marlene Garzón owns a 1/2-hectare farm called Ojo de Agua in Consacá, Nariño, where she grows Colombia variety. Despite the small size of her coffee farm, she produces 25 bags annually, and coffee is the main source of her family’s income. Her processing is key to her high quality: The coffee is harvested when the cherries have fully ripened to the deep purple color that is almost reminiscent of grapes. The coffee is depulped dry and pre-sorted, then fermented for 20 hours. After washing the seeds twice to remove the mucilage, the coffee is dried under full sun.

The cup is rich, sweet, and savory with a creamy mouthfeel; very fruity with lots of caramel flavor, raisin, coffee cherry, chocolate as well as some floral flavor.

This coffee won 6th place in the Land of Diversity cupping competition and auction arranged by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in late 2020