La Ponderosa*

$19.40 - $33.22 / Pound

Origin: Chaletenango, El Salvador
Variety: Pacamara and Pacas

Tasting Notes:

Cherry, Apple, Lime

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La Pondersosa is a 2.8 Hectare farm owned by Blanca Luz Diaz. This farm is located in the Apaneca Mountains in El Salvador’s Alotepec-Metap├ín region. This Honey processed Pacas & Pacamara lot is picked ripe and de-pulped the next day, then dried on raised beds for 18 to 22 days.


The cup is sweet with clean fruit acidity, a heavy mouthfeel; cherry, apple, peach, and lime flavors.


*This is a honey processed coffee, meaning it has been dried in fruit and may have strong ferment notes.

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