La Montañita*

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Origin: San José, Costa Rica
Variety: Yellow Catuai

Tasting Notes:

Cherry, Raspberry, Chocolate

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La Chumeca Micromill is owned and operated by Martín Ureña, one of three brothers who have been coffee producers for their entire lives. Martín’s “next door” neighbor is his brother Edgar’s El Pilon Mircromill. Martín and Edgar have developed a simple, effective, and inexpensive technique to ensure their Naturals always comprise only the very best, ripest cherry: They have rigged two large blue tanks with some piping and fresh water in order to not only do a quick and thorough float sort, but also to divert the damaged and defective beans out of the way using gravity and the force of the water. This method has improved the brothers’ quality tremendously since they began producing Naturals in the early 2010s.


La Chumeca is an idyllic place, and Martín takes great pride in both the gorgeous view and the perfect coffees. There are 50 drying beds (with more added every year), and since 2018 Martín has also been experimenting with anaerobic-environment fermentation: For certain lots, he places the freshly harvested cherry into sealed distillery tanks that he special-ordered from Korea. Fermenting coffee without the presence of oxygen keeps the temperature in the coffee bed low, which slows the fermentation and can create unique flavors.


The Capulinero process was created in 2019  by La Chumeca Micromill., it is a 3-step anaerobic fermentation process. The first step is to introduce freshly harvested cherries into the metal anaerobic fermentation tanks for a period of time determined by pH and Brix levels. After this period, the coffee is then transferred into plastic bags and undergoes another, more concentrated anaerobic fermentation process, until the temperature reaches 33 Celsius degrees. Then the coffee is put back into the metal anaerobic fermentation tanks until a final Brix degree reading of 16 is reached. The cherries are then placed directly on raised African-stye beds and dried for a period of about 20 days, depending on the weather conditions.


The cup has intense winey fruit and floral flavors with cherry, rose, raspberry, cocoa and dark chocolate; juicy acidity and candy-like sweetness.

*This is a natural / dry processed coffee, meaning it has been dried in cherry and will have strong ferment notes.

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