La Estancia*

$25.61 - $39.43 / Pound

Origin: Guerrero, Mexico
Variety: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia

Tasting Notes:

Rose, Chocolate, Strawberry

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Marco Antonio Cadena Solis is the owner of Finca Estancia, a 40-hectare farm located in the city of Atoyac de Alvarez in Mexico’s Guerrero region. An established cover of tropical rainforest flora provides a natural shade element to roughly half of the farm area, which is planted with 60,000 Tipica, Bourbon, Caturraa, Oro Azteca, and Colombian-variety coffee trees. For this specific lot, Marco harvested only the ripest cherries and stored them in sealed tanks without any water for an average period of 92-120 hours. After this, the coffee was transferred to a patio and dried as a Natural for a period of 17-20 days. Throughout the drying period, the coffee was moved daily.


The cup is sweet and smooth with big boozy, fruit acidity; rose, ripe berry, chocolate, winey cacao, strawberry, and cascade hops flavors.


*This is a natural / dry processed coffee, meaning it has been dried in cherry and will have strong ferment notes.

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