El Cedro

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Origin: Cajamarca, Peru
Variety: Caturra

Tasting Notes:

Burnt Sugar, Apple, Grapefruit

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Isban Mondragon Jimnes owns a 1.5-hectare farm called El Cedro, where he grows Caturra variety coffee under a cover of shade. Like many of his fellow members of the cooperative Lima Coffees, Isban holds his organic certification, and he has been a member since the earliest days of the young but fast-growing co-op. Coffee on El Cedro is picked ripe and depulped either the day or the day after it’s harvested, then fermented dry for 35 hours before being washed three times. It’s dried for 20–25 days. The Cup is balanced, and tart with sweet burnt sugar, apple, and grapefruit flavors.