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Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom Varieties

Tasting Notes:

Jasmine, Chocolate, Lemon

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This special Honey lot comes from the Abore washing station, near the village of Bombe in Sidama, Ethiopia. It is compromised of coffee harvested from 341 surrounding farms. Only ripe cherries were selected, de-pulped, and placed directly on raised beds for drying. Coffee was moved multiple times a day over a 12 day period until it was dried to ideal moisture levels. In general, Honey processing has helped improve cup score and complexity when it comes to offerings from this washing station.


The cup is smooth and sweet with tart acidity, winey fruit, jasmine, chocolate, and lemon flavors.

*This is a honey processed coffee, meaning it has been dried in fruit and will have strong ferment notes.